One shirt to rule them all....

People were asking for shirts, so we got some shirts!  We've ordered 250 USA made T-shirts - 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled PET  (basically old pop bottles).  We've got an assortment of colors available, but due to the nature of being 'green' colors were limited to dyes that were also environmentally friendly.  The shirts are not event specific but instead list all the 2014 ENDracing events on the back and come with a fabric marker so that you can buy one shirt and check off the events as you do them.  Will anyone fill their shirt this year?  We'll have to wait and see! 

Shirts are available in both women's specific cuts (S, M, L) and unisex cuts (S, M, L, and a few XL).  All sizes will be available in the following colors: Bark, Coal, Dusk, Shadow and Kiwi.  The unisex shirt showning the front logo is an example of kiwi, the back is coal.  'Shadow' is basically black, 'Bark' is a earthen brown, and Dusk is muted darkish blue/purplish color.  We've only ordered 250 shirts total (in all sizes and colors) so stock will be limited.  They will be $15 ea. with a race (when purchased online at time of registration) or for in general for $25 off the website and/or at events. 

Click here to get 'em now.  Yee Haw and happy new year everyone!


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Submitted by andy on Tue, 12/31/2013 - 14:37

<p><em>note - </em></p> <p><em>shirts ordered with an event registration will be picked up at your next event.&nbsp; Shirts ordered otherwise can be picked up anytime once the shipment has arrived (if you&#39;re in GF) or we&#39;ll send &#39;em to you for a flat rate (our actual shipping cost), TBD.</em></p>

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