turtle river state park

Course Maps: Double Feature Update

Visited with Park Manager and received clarification on trails that can be used for Saturday and Sunday. I'll be composing the route maps tonight and getting them to the Park staff. Permitting requires that new map proposals need to be made for the record. The staff at Turtle River State Park are great to work with. They want this to be a positive and safe experience. When you are at the Park you will see the devastation caused by 20" of wet, heavy snow and 60 mph winds. They will be cutting and clearing areas this fall and next spring.

Monday Night Musings: Double Feature Update

Monday Night Musings...when life gives you ground coffee and hot water under extreme pressure.....make espresso!

Today I was able to see in person the devastation that snow and high winds created in Turtle River State Park. Fallen trees, numerous branches both on the ground and hanging from splintered trunks, flowing water, and uprooted tress dotted the trails. HOWEVER....some of each event will be on trails!

Turtle River State Park and END-SPAR 2011

Keegan, AJ (my two boys - 4 1/2 and 2 respectively) and I just returned from a trip to the park where we began planning END-SPAR 2011. They had some great new ideas about next spring's race - and a few not so great ones (involving snakes). It's crazy to already be thinking so far ahead, but i can't help but revel in the possibilities that exist out there - particularly for a sprint distance event. Nice to know that we've got a few more years putting the race on out there before we have to find a new location!

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