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Swamp Donkey Adventure Race (recap)

The Swamp Donkey Adventure Race is a 9 hour event put on by our friends (Swamp Donkey Adventure Racing) north of the border.  They've been putting on the event for six years now and it has grown to become the largest adventure race that i've ever attended or even heard of - with 113 3 person teams coming out to brave the cold and wet conditions last saturday.
first canoes on the water

Super Budget Map Board

I'm heading up to Canada in a few weeks to be on the other side of the racing coin (racing instead of directing) and i can't wait.  I'll be doing the Swamp Donkey Adventure Race - an event i did last year for the first time.  It's a great event - short enough to be fun but long enough to be hard.... a great race to do with my wife and overworked buddy Joel.

END-AR 24 final update and LIVE updates info

Registration is closed.  The race is three days away.  Maps are done, all the remote CP's are in place. 
The schedule/rules/outline has been updated - RACERS - please check it out, read it thoroughly, and come prepared.  If you want a copy, print one... we're not bringing copies for teams to the event. 

No Rest for the Wicked

It's a crazy summer for us (me) at ENDracing - the launch of a new event (END-WET) that has attracted some top athletic talent from around the nation and even internationally (thanks for coming Tobias!), a big race myself (untamed New England), and making sure 'the toughest race in north dakota' (END-AR24) lives up to its billing and doesn't disappoint.


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