Super Budget Map Board

I'm heading up to Canada in a few weeks to be on the other side of the racing coin (racing instead of directing) and i can't wait.  I'll be doing the Swamp Donkey Adventure Race - an event i did last year for the first time.  It's a great event - short enough to be fun but long enough to be hard.... a great race to do with my wife and overworked buddy Joel.


Due North by Sure Foot corporation is one of our winter triathlon sponsors this year and in the lead-up to the race they sent me some of their stuff to try out and asked for some feedback.  I told them i'd oblige but wouldn't pull any punches.  Here's my take on the three products they provided a 'foot rubz' massage ball and two pair of their traction aids (Everyday and All Purpose).

Good winter gear

I had an interesting opportunity in the recent arrowhead 135 race to put some of my gear through the wringer.  Because i loaned some of my own 'good stuff' to tom for the race and had to go with the back-up equipment, i also had the opportunity to compare a few things.  here are a handful of my thoughts:

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