END-AR 24 final update and LIVE updates info

Registration is closed.  The race is three days away.  Maps are done, all the remote CP's are in place. 
The schedule/rules/outline has been updated - RACERS - please check it out, read it thoroughly, and come prepared.  If you want a copy, print one... we're not bringing copies for teams to the event. 

No Rest for the Wicked

It's a crazy summer for us (me) at ENDracing - the launch of a new event (END-WET) that has attracted some top athletic talent from around the nation and even internationally (thanks for coming Tobias!), a big race myself (untamed New England), and making sure 'the toughest race in north dakota' (END-AR24) lives up to its billing and doesn't disappoint.

Summer is here!

I know, I know.  I'm late.  There you were, wondering if - as the month of June came to a close with no June newsletter from ENDracing - the flame of adventure had finally been extinguished in the upper midwest.  But have faith people - I'm just busy, and we're just getting started.  Lots to report this month, so lets get into it:


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